Untangling something the mind can’t even comprehend

Image source : Painting by Gustav Klimt, The Kiss (1980). The painting symbolise a couple wrapped in everlasting kiss, a kiss so mesmerising it takes them out of the universe into the celestial.

Stumbling across empty thoughts could drawn you into something, sunken into the deepest mire, searching for an answer, this common thoughts might hits different people from a different angle. Sure enough, our mind poses different thoughts per second, it’s always in a juxtaposition of million of things. Hence, the search for meaning of life acted as the basic riddle for humankind’s quest for answer.

The question began with a simple research question, ‘what drives us into this life?’, after we find the answer to that question, the research continues by asking another question…

In collaboration with Hankyeol Kim


No one could have predicted that a fruit vendor setting himself on fire in December of 2010 in front of a government building in Tunisia would have sparked protests all over the Middle East. More and more people across the Arab world began to act against their governments, demanding democracy and justice. Protests turned violent and so did the armed forces of most states. The series of protests was dubbed “Arab Spring”. Soon instability spread like wildfire and intervention from 2 big powers of the middle east, Iran and Saudi took place. It did not…

The idea of threat continues to shift, simply adjusting to the changes in the world. Thus, how are we, as human being, tries to elude it and comes up with a ground-breaking solutions?

Image source : Yasuyoshi Chiba/AFP via World Press Photo

The author made this article in collaboration with the Research and Development Team of FPCI Chapter UPH 2019/2020.

“Hence it is evident that the state is a creation of nature, and that man is by nature a political animal…” — Aristotle

One aspect of human nature that can be agreed upon by all actors of the entire political spectrum, is that humans have an impeccable ability to…

The premeditated murder that sets Saudi Arabia on a turmoil

Image source : Time Magazines, Person of the Year

Jamal Khashoggi, a dissident journalist and prominent critic of Saudi government was killed inside the Kingdom’s consulate in Istanbul, Turkey on 2 October 2018. The murder includes a bitter interrogation, strangulation and the dissolution of the 59-year-old’s body. This phenomenon caused international outrage and bashed the image of Saudi’s de facto ruler, Mohammed Bin Salman.

After a year of investigation, the preliminary rulings by Riyadh Criminal Court issued 11 suspects. However, the trial was filled with absolute secrecy and anomaly, on 23 December 2019 Saudi Arabia sentenced 5 people…

Image source : Art by Greg Evans, https://i.pinimg.com/564x/26/76/ff/2676ffaa7e828e2af7635e687684d2d1.jpg

Around the start of the year, the world saw sudden fluctuation in the market prices of oil, the biggest one day crash in oil prices since the 1991 gulf war, Oil prices fell dramatically up to only 20$ per barrel (the price of oil went negative). The market was flooded with crude oil and in tandem with the lower demand, oil prices plunged down to a negative. …

A simple justification for dreamers and wanderers, who are still trying to shoot for the stars

John Lennon’s last glasses, as a dreamer

Have you ever set your eyes on something for so long, then ‘BULLSEYE!’ You got it?

Some might say its destiny, coincidence or even luck. But have you ever wonder that the universe works in an unprecedented ways? that a tiny particle like us, matter in this enormous universe? that maybe what we do, counts for a greater dimension of results?

As we live in the reality, one might ponder ‘what are the binding rules for us to live by?’ That question opens up…

The conquest for peace between Israel and Palestine remains unabated, is it still paradoxical if the United States seek to unites them?

Image source : Mohamad Torokman/Reuters

Amidst of Trump’s Impeachment and Israel’s Prime Minister, Benyamin Netanyahu corruption charges, something rather soothing came up. The proposal which took 3 years to make and after several political whirlwind that with-hold, the Trump’s ‘Peace for Middle East Plan’ is finally unveiled. Although the word ‘peace’ is listed in the plan, it surely doesn’t provoke it.

Peace for Middle East sought to reconcile the decades-long conflict of Israel and Palestine.
As noble as this sounds, the meeting…

In collaboration with Dante Sumawinata

The emergence of identity as a political tools

Throughout one’s life, one must wander ‘what kind of person am I?’, ‘what identity did I choose to define me?’, ‘should I embrace my roots, or should I just try to fit in?’ These kinds of questions began floating into the political realm, and finally delivered a concept of ‘Identity Politics’.

The world has seen the emergence of a massive political movement to liberate a certain group from oppression, specifically demanding for a defence about the origin & futures of their identities. Thus, sparks the rising of exclusive political alliances that uphold their particular identity.

In collaboration with Jenny Sari Winata

Image source : Life Magazines, 1970

How is ‘rule like a woman’ being portrayed in global politics?

From the suffrage movement to the evolving #MeToo movement, the arising motion would be: do these key players’ tune on the significance of gender transpire the same core? This question came before cracking further the lens of feminism on women’s leadership in global politics. The term ‘feminism’ itself is contested for it might not appear in the same form or for the same reasons in all contexts especially in this modern era. …

The name Immanuel Kant must be familiar to some people, a German philosopher with an idea that made a significant impact to Philosophy.

Immanuel Kant was born in Königsberg, near the southeastern shore of the Baltic Sea, which today has been renamed to Kaliningard, and became a part of Russia. Throughout his life, Kant has always been a persevering teacher, he taught Philosophy in University of Köningsberg.

His series of critiques was published in 1781, the infamous ‘Critique of Pure Reason’ or ‘Kritik der reinen Vernunft’. In his first critique, he was determine to give an understanding about metaphysics, by…

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